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[rev_slider rom-ker] Andaman is a group of islands that constitute a major part of the union territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. As a matter of fact, this group of islands is closer to countries like Myanmar and Thailand as compared to the mainland of India.  Lying in the Bay of Bengal, Andaman Islands make …




[rev_slider daman-beach] Welcome to Damao i.e. Daman. It is one of the easiest tourist-spot to reach. Daman is for all seasons. Daman is filled with history and every stone encloses within itself, silent and mute a glorious tale, be it from a fort or a monument or a ruin. Daman is a popular tourist destination. …




[rev_slider goa-beach] So beautifully it blends the legacies of its Portuguese ancestors and Indian tradition that one can only end up loving every bit of his stay in Goa. The Gothic Churches, Goa Forts, colonial buildings, temples and shrines, villages and Mediterranean hamlets all reflects the colorful and unhurried lifestyle of Goa.   However, the …