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Chiselled with the elegance of Victorian era and the grandeur of the modern age, the country of England is the epitome of urban glamour. Its relentless intrigue and mesmerising political history are only some of the reasons amongst a hundred others, why your tour across England would be a memorable one.

Out of the many attractions that England houses, London, obviously, is the trump card. An innovator, history-creator and distinct advantage for in excess of a thousand years, enveloping everything from illustrious living arrangements to world-class exhibition halls, milestone theatres and tremendous urban parks. In any case, there’s a fluctuated urban scene to investigate outside London, as well: digging into Manchester’s beating music scene, visiting Newcastle’s inventive workmanship displays, appreciating Bath’s sparkling Georgian engineering or perusing for deals along Brighton’s particular shopping avenues. Whichever you pick, expect urban undertakings galore.

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