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Cambodia is a famous tourist destination in Southeast Asia. Having a blend of serenity and adventures, Cambodia is a great place for going on a trip. Paddy fields, idyllic beaches, vast temple ruins, lush jungles, and tasty cuisine make the tourism in Cambodia great and memorable. Famous for the capital city Phnom Penh, the nightlife of Siem Reap, and more, Cambodia makes a great fit for anyone who wants a great trip for exploring places and enjoys themselves.

Tour Plan

Welcome to the city Siem Reap

When you will arrive at the bus station, you will be transferred to the hotel where you can check in. Take rest for a while and get ready to visit Meanchey in the afternoon. This is one of the most visited natural tourism spots. It is a mangrove for over hundreds of species of birds, freshwater fishes and is beautifully decorated with ethnic stilted houses lined over the surface of the water. The people over here depend on the fishing and tourism largely for the incomes.

Then, you will be taken through the flooded forests of the Great Tonle Sap Lake on a traditional wooden boat, to Chong Kneas – which is a habitat of various bird species. The amazing floating village has been built on the high stilts of 8 – 10 meters. After you have enjoyed your day, it’s time to return to the hotel at Siem Reap.

Enjoy your second day in the beautiful city

After you are done with your breakfast in the hotel, it is the time for continuing your trip. Visit the crowning jewel of Khmer architecture – Angkor Wat Temple which is the highlight and the national symbol of Cambodia. The best preserved, most religiously significant, and the largest of all Angkor temples, it impresses all the visitors with its beautiful layout and sheer scale and delicate artistic carvings. For reaching to the temple, cross the vast moat and continue alongside with Naga balustrades. As the main building is entered, ascend galleries and courtyard before you reach to central sanctuary offering beautiful back views over crossway and across the countryside. One of the popular attractions of Angkor, Ta Prohm temple can be visited too.

In the afternoon, you can visit Angkor Thom which covers 10 sq km of area and is enclosed by wide moats and wall. You can enter it by the South gate which is lined by statues of gods and demons on both sides, each carrying a naga. After this, visit the Terrace of the Leper Kings and the Terrace of the Elephants.

After this, visit the ruined Royal Enclosure, Baphuon, and Phimeanakas before you continue your journey to the mysterious Bayon temple. This one is the most compelling and popular one in Angkor where you can find giant stone faces smiling from every angle at you. Get back to the hotel at the end of the day and relax overnight.


The last day for nature!

After your delicious breakfast, get ready for the trip to the Kulen Mountain. Enjoy the countryside view on the way to Kulen. Phnom Kulen is in Varin and Syay Leu district which is around 60 km from Siem Reap toen and 25 km from Banteav Srei. Originally, known as Mount Mahendraparvata, Phnom Kulen is a holy mountain where independence from Java was proclaimed by King Jayavarman II in 802 and the Angkorian Empire was born.

For more than half a century, the mountain plateau has been the capital of the first Khmer Empire before it was relocated to Hariharalay which is called Rolous today. Around the plateau, 20 temples can be found which includes Rorng Chen temple. This was the first pyramid that an Angkorian king built. Many of these temples are difficult to reach though. The important sites that lie scattered across the top of the mountain can be reached by car or foot.

Phnom Kulen waterfall is a good spot to cool off after exploring if you go farther downstream. There are two levels. The first one is 4-6 meters high and is 10-15 meters wide, depending on the season whether it’s rainy or dry. The other one is 6-8 meters wide and 15-20 meters high, depending on the season. There is a laterite temple covered by smack jungle near the waterfall known as Kraol Romeas temple. Get back hotel after your full day exploration.

It’s time to go home with loads of memories.

Have breakfast and check-out from the hotel. After this, take a bus to Phnom Penh and leave to your home with the beautiful and adventurous memories you made on the trip.


Tour Map