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Vashi : 27889933 / 35 / 88 | Mulund : 61552222 (30Lines)

Remember To Use With "Page Section 100%" Template



Glorious Gujarat

Code: remember to use this shortcode inside the grid shortcode and with page template “Page Section 100%”

[travelid id="your id travel"]

Parameters of the shortcodes

Parameters Description
[travelid id=”” insert the id (post id) of your travel

Custom fields that you can use in the custom post for single travel

Custom fields Description
lovetravel_btnoffer_travel you can insert a [btntravel] shortcode to show information in the archive page above the picture.
lovetravel_description_travel you can enter a text description for your travel (archive)
lovetravel_duration_travel you can enter the duration of your travel (archive)
lovetravel_price_travel you can enter the price of your travel (archive and inside page)
lovetravel_textduration_travel you can enter the text that expresses duration, days, month, etc. .. (archive)

[btntravel] shortcode, insert this in the lovetravel_btnoffer_travel custom field

[link class="fancybox fancybox.iframe" link="your page with form booking"][btntravel text="BOOK"][/link]
[link link="your travel page"][btntravel text="MORE"][/link]